eCoin is an electroceutical, which is a radically small, neurostimulator that stimulates nerves in the periphery to ameliorate chronic conditions.


The platform technology is about the size of a nickel with the electrode material around the edges and the bottom of eCoin. In addition to its tiny size, eCoin offers two revolutionary design elements – it lacks wires, thus eliminating the potential for wire breaks, and it is produced at a low cost.
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Resistant Hypertension
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Heart Failure
Overactive Bladder
Erectile Dysfunction
And More
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Valencia is led by Jeff Greiner, who built Advanced Bionics (AB) from seven engineers and no revenues into a company with 2,500 employees and revenues exceeding $300 million. AB was sold to two different companies for over $3 billion—final sale in 2010. Chief Technology Officer, Dave Peterson, led the design of Medtronic’s first dual chamber ICD; won every major technical award given by Medtronic including the Bakken; and then was recruited by Greiner to design AB’s spinal cord stimulator. This product, now sold by Boston Scientific Neuromodulation, for which it paid AB shareholders $2.5 billion, will generate over $500 million in revenue this year for Boston.
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The history of neuromodulation is based on constant stimulation of a nerve to effect some good.  Valencia challenges that fundamental assumption with its invention that is fully developed, is being manufactured, and is now in clinical trials.

Based on low-duty cycle, non-constant stimulation, Valencia invented a tiny, coin-sized and shaped neurostimulator to be placed subcutaneously in a short office or outpatient procedure.  No more lead-wires to be tunneled to the target from a remote fatty pocket holding the electronics.  Valencia’s electroceutical is placed just over the target.

Several years ago, Valencia filed patent applications that were kept secret under old patent law until publication in 2014.  Today, Valencia has twenty issued patents for its innovative ideas and over a dozen patent applications pending.

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Valencia’s Electroceutical Coin (eCoin) is a foundational technology similar to the building block compounds of major biotechnology companies. Sharing the desirable business characteristics of biotechnology such as large market opportunity, multiple assets, and low cost of goods sold to price ratio, eCoin combines the opportunity of biotechnology with limited risks of medtech.

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Hypertension affects one billion people in the world, most of whom are uncontrolled, meaning that their blood pressure is not at a healthy level. A recent NIH study called “SPRINT” reports that more intensive therapy addressing moderate hypertension has tremendous benefits at reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The first application for Valencia’s platform eCoin is hypertension. In fact, eCoin has shown promising interim results in a rigorous clinical trial and Valencia is now preparing to test eCoin in a large US trial for FDA approval. Valencia intends eCoin to be the first FDA approved, non-drug therapy for hypertension.

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Valencia is raising $30M in order to conduct a double-blinded, controlled, clinical trial on several hundred drug resistant hypertensive patients in the United States and three feasibility studies for its overactive bladder, heart failure, and osteoarthritis of the knee applications. Positive results in the drug resistant hypertension trial should lead to the first FDA approval of a non-drug therapy for resistant hypertension – Valencia’s first asset.
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