a neurostimulator of radically small size and benign safety profile that has the potential to compete with drugs


Valencia’s eCoin is a radically small, inexpensive platform electroceutical that can be placed subcutaneously in a simple office or outpatient procedure. eCoin is designed to treat a number of major chronic conditions including overactive bladder, hypertension, heart failure, depression, obesity, and erectile dysfunction, among others.

eCoin is not approved for sale in any country.  eCoin is approved in certain countries for investigational use only.


eCoin works through neuromodulation; that is, the modulating (or tuning) of the nervous system in communication with the brain thereafter releasing natural chemicals to treat various chronic conditions.

eCoin for hypertension is pictured, showing the stimulation of the median nerve in the forearm. eCoin is designed to stimulate other nerves and treat other conditions as well, such as tibial nerve stimulation in the lower leg to treat overactive bladder.


eCoin is a fully-developed technology that is about the size and shape of a nickel. eCoin is 116 the size of the sacral neurostimulator on the market and 19 the size of a rechargeable next-generation device. Its radically small size is made possible by a breakthrough finding showing that non-constant stimulation of certain nerves brings about desired changes in the nervous system.


Its simplicity of design and low cost battery make its cost of goods (COGS) much lower than any other neurostimulator. Future generations of eCoin may compete directly with drugs as COGS are driven even lower.


eCoin is fully-developed.  It has been placed in more than 120 patients in clinical trials for overactive bladder and hypertension.

It took less than one year to develop prototypes of the device and another year to do laboratory testing before beginning clinical trials in people – an achievement made possible through the extraordinary expertise of Thenuwara and Peterson.


Valencia Technologies has constructed a 4,600 square-foot production facility and an 1,100 square-foot class-7 cleanroom for assembly and testing of the eCoin device. Valencia prides itself on having a team with decades of experience in manufacturing and in operating medical-grade clean room environments.


Device quality is of the utmost importance to Valencia Technologies. Valencia started by constructing an ISO 13485 compliant quality system that is now certified. Valencia then developed over 30 operations with over 40 separate custom manufacturing tools to provide the highest level of quality and traceability.


Building medical devices has unique and challenging requirements not present in other manufacturing processes. Valencia Technologies is staffed with both technicians and leadership possessing the highest levels of expertise and training in building medical devices.