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Valencia Technologies is a neuromodulation company transforming the standard of care for bladder dysfunction.

Market Innovation

The company’s implantable neuromodulation technology is reshaping the delivery of long term therapy for bladder control. eCoin® is a tibial implant for Urge Urinary Incontinence (UUI). The coin sized neurostimulator is placed under the skin near the ankle during a consistent, minimally invasive procedure using only local anaesthetic.

The eCoin® device provides automatic stimulation on the tibial nerve via a forgiving dome shaped field. eCoin eliminates lead wires optimized by precise placement, patient management of the device with external remotes, recharge requirements, general anesthesia or sedation with placement.


The company is headquartered in Valencia, California and is backed by leaders in healthcare technology and neurostimulation therapy.

ABOUT eCoin®

Minimally Invasive

• Effective Leadless Neurostimulation Therapy for UUI

Drug Free Relief for People with Urge Urinary Incontinence

® is FDA Approved – Important Safety Information

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Arthur Rascon
Chief Executive Officer

Arthur Rascon joined Valencia Technologies in 2021 as the Senior Vice President of Operations and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2022. He brings to the role over 20 years of experience as an operational executive in the manufacturing space. Arthur comes to Valencia Technologies most recently from Medtronic, a large medical device…

Jeff Greiner
Founder and Chairman

Jeff Greiner founded Valencia Technologies in 2010. He served as Chief Executive Officer from 2010 to 2021 when he retired. Prior to Valencia Technologies from 1992-2010, Jeff was the operational leader of Advanced Bionics, a medical device company with products to treat deafness and intractable pain.

Jerry Schloffman
Chief Commercial Officer

Jerry Schloffman became Chief Commercial Officer of Valencia Technologies in 2021. He joined Valencia Technologies with over 20 years of experience as a sales…

Keith McLain
Vice President of Quality Assurance

Keith McClain join Valencia in January 2021 as the Vice President of Quality. Keith has over 25+ years of experience within Reliability Engineering and Quality Assurance…

Ann Decker
Vice President of Reimbursement and Health Policy

Ann become part of Valencia Technologies in November 2021 as the Vice President of Reimbursement and Health Policy. She brought…

Russ Ramanayake
Vice President of Finance

Russ joined Valencia Technologies as the Vice President of Finance in 2021. He brings over 10 years of experience as a Corporate Controller …

Alexandra Rogers MD
Vice President of Procedural Training

Dr. Rogers is an incontinence specialist who is passionate about delivering exceptional patient care by executing a high quality and thorough training program….


Valencia Technologies is led by neuromodulation pioneers who have successfully scaled biotech companies from infancy to $300M in annual revenue.

Leaders in

The business and technical leadership of Valencia is unsurpassed within the field of neuromodulation.

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Be part of a highly skilled team that is focus on high growth and market disruption.

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Join a collaborative, cross-functional organization that
delivers outstanding results with laser focus on patient outcomes and physician satisfaction.

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28464 Westinghouse Place
Valencia, CA 91355
United States

Website: valenciatechnologies.com

Corporate Office: (661) 775-1414

Administration Office: (661) 505-7264

Customer Service Help Desk: (833)-326-4687

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