Circuits and Methods for Using a High Impedance, Thin, Coin-Cell Type Battery in an Implantable Electroacupuncture Device (US 9,827,428 B2)


An implantable electroacupuncture device (IEAD) treats a specified medical condition of a patient through application of electroacupuncture (EA) stimulation pulses applied substantially at or near a specified acupoint, its underlying nerves, or other target tissue location. The IEAD includes an IEAD housing having an electrode configuration thereon that includes at least two electrodes, and pulse generation circuitry located within the IEAD housing and electrically coupled to the at least two electrodes. The pulse generation circuitry is adapted to deliver stimulation pulses to the patient’s body tissue at or near the target tissue location in accordance with a specified stimulation regimen, the stimulation regimen requiring that the stimulation session have a duration of T3 minutes and a rate of occurrence of once every T4 minutes, and wherein a ratio of T3/T4 is no greater than 0.05.

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