Implantable Electroacupuncture Device and Method for Treating Obesity (US 9,364,390 B2)


An implantable electroacupuncture device (IEAD) treats obese conditions of a patient through application of stimulation pulses applied at acupoints SP4, LR8 or ST40, or their underlying nerves saphenous and peroneal. The IEAD comprises an implantable, coin-sized, self-contained, leadless electroacupuncture device having at least two electrodes attached to an outside surface of its housing. The device generates stimulation pulses in accordance with a specified stimulation regimen. Power management circuitry within the device allows a primary battery, having a high internal impedance, to be used to power the device. The stimulation regimen generates stimulation pulses during a stimulation session of duration T3 minutes applied every T4 minutes. The duty cycle, or ratio T3/T4, is very low, no greater than 0.05. The low duty cycle and careful power management allow the IEAD to perform its intended function for several years.

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