Implantable Electroacupuncture Device for Reducing Hypertension (US 9,327,109 B2)


Disclosed is an implantable, coin-sized, self-contained, leadless electroacupuncture (EA) device having at least two electrode contacts attached to the surface of its housing. The electrodes include a central cathode electrode on a bottom side of the housing, and a circumferential anode electrode that surrounds the cathode electrode. In one embodiment, the anode annular electrode is a ring electrode placed around the perimeter edge of the coin-shaped housing. The EA device is adapted to be implanted through a very small incision, e.g., less than about 2-3 cm in length, directly adjacent to a selected acupuncture site known to moderate or affect a hypertension condition of a patient. Appropriate power management circuitry within the device allows a primary battery having a relatively high internal impedance to be used without causing unacceptable dips in battery voltage when the instantaneous battery current surges. Stimulation pulses are generated during a stimulation session that has a duration of T3 minutes and which is applied every T4 minutes. The duty cycle, or ratio of T3 to T4, is very low, not greater than 0.05. This low duty cycle, along with careful power management, allows the EA device to perform its intended function for several years.

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