Implantable Electroacupuncture System and Method for Treating Dyslipidemia and Obesity (US 9,314,399 B2)


An Implantable ElectroAcupuncture System (IEAS) treats dyslipidemia or obesity through application of stimulation pulses applied at at least one of acupoints ST36, SP4, ST37, ST40, SP6, SP9, K16, or LR8, or underlying nerves saphenous or peroneal. The IEAS includes an hermetically-sealed implantable electroacupuncture (EA) device having at least two electrodes located outside of its housing. The housing contains a primary power source, pulse generation circuitry, and a sensor that wirelessly senses externally-generated operating commands. The pulse generation circuitry generates stimulation pulses as controlled, at least in part, by the operating commands sensed through the sensor. The stimulation pulses are applied to the specified acupoint or nerve through the electrodes in accordance with a specified stimulation regimen. Such stimulation regimen requires that the stimulation session be applied at a very low duty cycle not greater than 0.05.

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