Implantable Electroacupuncture System and Method for Treating Dyslipidemia and Obesity (US 9,566,212 B2)


An exemplary method of treating obesity or dyslipidemia of a patient using a small implantable electroacupuncture device (IEAD) includes 1) implanting the IEAD below the skin surface of the patient at or near a target tissue location selected from the group of target tissue locations comprising acupoints ST36, SP4, ST37, ST40, SP6, SP9, K16, LR8 and their underlying nerves, the saphenous nerve and the peroneal nerve, and 2) enabling the IEAD to provide EA stimulation pulses in accordance with a stimulation regimen that provides a stimulation session having a duration of T3 minutes at a rate of once every T4 minutes, where the ratio of T3/T4 is no greater than 0.05, and wherein T3 is at least 10 minutes and no greater than 60 minutes.

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