Methods and Systems for Treating a Chronic Low Back Pain Condition Using an Implantable Electroacupuncture Device (US 9,827,421 B2)


An exemplary method of treating a chronic low back pain condition in a patient includes 1) generating, by an electroacupuncture device implanted beneath a skin surface of the patient at at least one of acupoints BL22, BL23, BL24, BL25, and BL26 within the patient, stimulation sessions at a duty cycle that is less than 0.05, wherein the duty cycle is a ratio of T3 to T4 and each stimulation session included in the stimulation sessions has a duration of T3 minutes and occurs at a rate of once every T4 minutes, and 2) applying, by the electroacupuncture device, the stimulation sessions to the target tissue location in accordance with the duty cycle.

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