Methods and Systems for Treating Hypertension Using An Implantable Electroacupuncture Device (US 9,789,304 B2)


A method of treating hypertension in a patient includes 1) generating, by an electroacupuncture device implanted beneath a skin surface of the patient at an acupoint corresponding to a target tissue location within the patient, stimulation sessions at a duty cycle that is less than 0.05, wherein the duty cycle is a ratio of T3 to T4, each stimulation session included in the stimulation sessions has a duration of T3 minutes and occurs at a rate of once every T4 minutes, and the electroacupuncture device comprises a central electrode of a first polarity and an annular electrode of a second polarity and that is spaced apart from the central electrode; and 2) applying, by the electroacupuncture device, the stimulation sessions to the target tissue location by way of the central electrode and the annular electrode in accordance with the duty cycle.

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