“[…] a brilliant leader who has the intellectual ability to quickly understand very complex technical information and also has a keen sense of judgment that allows him to define a winning plan based on the right information and to adapt it based on changing conditions […] driven by his intellect, his compassion, and his strong work ethic […] the highest of integrity […] makes decisions based on what he feels is right […] not afraid to make difficult decisions and to communicate difficult information with a straightforward, honest, and respectful manner.”

Dr. Todd Whitehurst, MD
Director of Hardware Development – Google Life Sciences

“[…] an experienced leader, unafraid to make the tough calls, grounded in the science and committed to patients. […] inspired some of the most important innovations that AB delivered to the market. […] He leads from the front and earned the respect and admiration of his team, especially during times of challenge and change.”

Dr. Abhijit Kulkarni
Vice President of Research & Development – Medtronic

“[…] consistently […] the calm within the storm. […] a driven leader, who led by example and insisted on the best out of the teams.”

Arthur Rascon
Vice President of Manufacturing & Quality Engineering – Advanced Bionics

“As a leader, Jeff is the best that I have worked with in my 30 year career. He is insightful, intelligent, caring, visionary, decisive, hardworking and collaborative. While Al Mann provided the funding, Jeff was the one that made things happen.”

Matthew Haller
Chief Technology Officer – Calhoun Vision

“[…] a passionate leader with a keen sense for success. […] brings an engaging style with a sharp focus on results and has a proven track record as a well-rounded, inspiring leader.”

Scott Hebl
Vice President, Product Development – Advanced Bionics

“Jeff embodies the kind of leadership that is talked about in books, but is rarely seen in practice. In times of crisis, when many leaders retreat into their office, holding ‘closed door sessions’, Jeff becomes most visible. He accepts full responsibility to the organization, develops and openly shares the action plan going forward, and instills confidence […]”

Hugh Larsen
Principal Consultant – Parallaxgroup

“[…] unquestionably the most impactful CEO that I worked for during my 25 plus years in medical product development […] Many CEOs speak about the importance of culture; but in truth, it’s just a business word that happens to be in vogue. Not so, with Jeff! He set the example and was adamant that his senior executives follow his lead. Truth, honesty, fairness, accountability and strong work ethic were attributes that were expected and he set a ‘high bar’ for us all.”

Curt Hafner
Center Administrator/Owner – Doctors Express of Santa Clarita


“[…] Jeff possesses all of the qualities mirrored in admirable leaders and entrepreneurs through history. What sets him even further apart is his investment, not just in ideas, but in the people who work for and with him each day. […] Jeff garners respect rather than demands authority, and in return, people cannot help but follow in his footsteps – loyal, passionate and driven towards a common goal.”

Carla Mann Woods
Chief Executive Officer – Mann Healthcare Partners

“[…] has been guiding the field of neuromodulation for the past 20 years from infancy through the current ability to transform therapeutics in a number of clinical areas. He has the vision to identify technology that will win, and the ability to establish and then lead the infrastructure without getting derailed by the intermittent hurdles that are the hallmark of the industry.”

Nancy Patterson
President and CEO – Strategy Inc.

“In all my years […] as both a general officer in the United States Air Force and as the president of a large non-profit, I never met a more outstanding leader. His ethics, morals, and motivation are unmatched. […] he is exactly the kind of individual anyone would fight to have running an organization where they are investing their time and money.”

Paul Hankins
Brigadier General (Retired) – United States Air Force
President – Alabama Association of Independent Colleges & Universities

“[…] the most courageous and ethical leader that I have ever come across in my whole life. […] set high ethical standards for his senior management team, and created a culture with high moral and business ethics, which did flow through the whole organization. […] a great mentor to me and a rare human being, who truly understood the value of everybody who associated with him.”

Russ Ramanayake
Vice President of Finance – Monte Nido


“[…] set high but clear expectations […] held them accountable for results […] did this with honesty and integrity while constantly reminding the staff that they were there for the patients they served. […] clearly understood that if you identify a need, develop a good, reliable device to meet that need, and treat both employees and customers fairly and honestly, you will achieve long-term success.”

Dr. Michael Novak, MD
Otolaryngologist – Carle Clinic

“The care, quality and service to users of the devices are a hallmark of a Jeff Greiner led company – the culture comes from the top. […] the core ethic that runs through him is integrity.”

Jim Alsup
Cochlear Implant Recipient

“His respect, honesty, and vision made me realize that I was incredibly fortunate to have him making the decisions that directly impacted my ability to hear. The goals he set were beyond what I imagined possible, yet his team consistently developed products that continued to do ‘more.’”

Arlene Romoff
Cochlear Implant Recipient

“I have known him since 1992 when he left Siemens-Pacesetter to lead and build Advanced Bionics Corporation to a 2,500 employee company with over $300 million in revenues before being sold in 2010 for over $3 billion […] a world leader […] integrity and dedication […] careful thorough thinking always prevailed.”

Dr. Charles Luetje, MD
Otolaryngologist – St. Luke’s Midwest Ear Institute


“There was never any doubt about who was at the helm of our company nor was there confusion about the direction we were taking and the goals we were to achieve. Jeff was visible, accessible, and communicated often. […] put patients, the people we served first. […] willing to make the tough decisions that a young and growing company demanded. […] had the ability to break down the information so all could understood what the company was doing. […] Our people trusted him and were willing to follow him because he helped us understand the whys behind what he was asking us to do.”

Elaine Leander
Director of Sales (Retired) – Advanced Bionics

“Jeff’s integrity, intelligence, and passion led us to design a highly effective […] team in a dynamic and innovative environment. […] Jeff provided our team and organization with the framework, resources, and plan to compete and win against any competitor we faced. No matter what challenges we faced, Jeff leads with courage […]”

Michael McIntyre
Chief Executive Officer – WoundCloud

“The success of Advanced Bionics was not only dependent on his leadership but the vision that he created by incorporating AB’s technology superiority, the people, a culture of honesty, integrity and determination to give your best every day.”

James Surek
Chief Commercial Officer – Stimwave

“When I think of Jeff Greiner, the first words that come to mind are honesty and integrity. […] the CEO and founder of a company I have worked for over the past 13 years […] a company culture begins at the top and Jeff put a company culture in place that made me proud, a culture based on the core value of integrity. […] close to his team, an approachable leader who maintained a hands on approach and built key relationships with customers within the industry. […] When the going got tough, Jeff got into the trenches with his staff and fought the fight alongside of them rather than from his office chair.”

Apryl Sweat
Area Sales Director – Advanced Bionics