Valencia is led by Jeff Greiner, who built Advanced Bionics (AB) from seven engineers and no revenues into a company with 2,500 employees and revenues exceeding $300 million. AB was sold to two different companies for over $3 billion—final sale in 2010. Chief Technology Officer, Dave Peterson, led the design of Medtronic’s first dual chamber ICD; won every major technical award given by Medtronic; and then was recruited by Greiner to design AB’s spinal cord stimulator. This product, now sold by Boston Scientific Neuromodulation, for which it paid AB shareholders $2.5 billion, will generate over $500 million in revenue this year for Boston.

Jeff Greiner, Chief Executive Officer

  • BS, Economics, Distinguished Graduate; United States Air Force Academy
  • JD, UCLA School of Law
  • LLM, Government Contracts with highest honors; George Washington University
  • Trial Lawyer within Judge Advocate General’s Department
  • Operational Leader of Advanced Bionics (AB) from its beginning
  • Growth of AB from seven engineers and no revenues to over 2500 employees and $300M in revenue
  • AB sold in three transactions for about $3 billion
  • AB’s products are improving the lives of tens of thousands of deaf people and those with intractable pain

Dave Peterson, Chief Technology Officer

  • BS, Biomedical Engineering: Instrumentation; Case Western Reserve
  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering; Case Western Reserve
  • Principal architect of Medtronic’s first dual chamber implantable defibrillator
  • Winner of Medtronic’s most significant technical awards including the Bakken
  • Inventor on over 75 issued patents in active medical device technology
  • Architect of the Precision and Spectra spinal cord stimulators that are Boston Scientific’s products in the pain market
  • Boston’s sales with Precision/Spectra projected to exceed $500M in 2016
  • Implantable devices designed by Peterson are now improving the lives of tens of thousands of people with heart disease and with intractable pain


Valencia Technologies has the Plan, the People, the Leadership and the innovative Ideas necessary to change medicine through technology. Our Plan is based upon the scientific understanding that stimulation of peripheral nerves through radically small neurostimulators (electroceuticals) can change the nervous system and ameliorate major chronic conditions. Our Leadership and small team of People have demonstrated their competence by using investors’ money wisely and efficiently developing a radically small electroceutical called eCoin, manufacturing it in our own facility, testing it in an OUS rigorous trial on 48 patients, and protecting our Ideas with a strong Patent portfolio—all for just over $10M. The Next Milestone in our growth is the conduct of a pivotal or Phase III trial of eCoin in America leading to FDA approval of a non-drug therapy. We expect to make a submission to the FDA asking for permission to start the study (called an Investigational Device Exemption) by the end of 2016. Once approved, the trial of our First Application in drug treatment resistant hypertensive patients will go forward after we’ve completed our ongoing Fundraising effort for $30M. The Company believes there is a High Probability of Success that this Phase III trial will lead to approval of Valencia’s first application in hypertension. Such approval will lay the financial foundation for Company’s Plan to change medicine through application of eCoin in other conditions like obesity, depression, osteoarthritis of the knee, erectile dysfunction, heart failure, and intractable pain.